What is Qropit?

Qropit is a social and location-based, enhanced QR code system. Qropit makes it much easier to create QR codes for all your favorite content types such as videos, photos and even Facebook Likes!

  • Social

    Qropit is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. You can easily share any codes you stumble across with your friends and followers.
  • Dynamic

    Printed your QR code on your business card, and then changed your mobile number? No problem, Qropit allows you to update the content of the QR code without modifying the QR code image! In fact, once you register with Qropit you will receive your own custom QR code with as much (or as little) info about you as you'd like to share.
  • Location-based

    Qropit is fully location-aware. Using the Qropit app's Radar feature, you can see what other users are scanning around you.
  • Mobile

    Qropit is available for the iPhone and Android platforms. Blackberry version is coming soon!
  • Analytics

    For content creators, Qropit provides detailed analytics and demographics data which provides insight into your audience and the response of your QR code.
  • Backwards-compatible

    Qropit is fully backwards-compatible with regular QR code readers.

What is a qrop?

A qrop is what we call our enhanced QR code. A qrop is differentiated from regular QR codes by supporting additional types such as coupons, or Facebook 'Like', and provides the owner of the qrop detailed analytics and demographics data.

Is Qropit hiring?

Yes! We are looking for talented PHP coders and web designers for our office in beautiful, sunny Singapore. If you are super-talented and would like to work with us, please send us your resume at hr@qropit.com.