What is Qropit?

Qropit is an end-to-end QR code system with lots of enhanced features. You can generate a qrop (which is what we call our enhanced QR code) that will display a video, a photo slideshow, or Like a Facebook page, or display your contact info that will always be up-to-date!

You can also scan a discount coupon which will then be stored in the built-in "Coupon Wallet" in the app. Flash the coupon at the target store to receive your discount!



Qropit is the only QR code system that provides the QR code creator with detailed analytics and demographics data. Whenever someone scans a qrop, analytics data is recorded. If the user is using our Qropit app, we also provide detailed location info and demographics data when permissible. This data provides valuable insight for you to evaluate the audience and response of your qrop.

Qropit also allows a single set of content to have multiple QR codes associated with it, which you can use to compare and evaluate the response of difference advertising channels for instance.


Qropit is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you scan a QR code using our app, you have the option of sharing the QR code with all your friends and followers!